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According to WordNet, the verb "face" has 9 sense(s).

202693691 be opposite; "the facing page"; "the two sofas face each other".

201066433 present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize; "We confronted him with the evidence"; "He was faced with all the evidence and could no longer deny his actions"; "An enormous dilemma faces us".

201078783 oppose, as in hostility or a competition; "You must confront your opponent"; "Jackson faced Smith in the boxing ring"; "The two enemies finally confronted each other".

200812298 deal with (something unpleasant) head on; "You must confront your problems"; "He faced the terrible consequences of his mistakes".

202137907 turn so as to expose the face; "face a playing card".

201271936 line the edge (of a garment) with a different material; "face the lapels of the jacket".

201271189 cover the front or surface of; "The building was faced with beautiful stones".

202693319 be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to; "The house looks north"; "My backyard look onto the pond"; "The building faces the park".

201908365 turn so as to face; turn the face in a certain direction; "Turn and face your partner now".

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