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According to WordNet, the verb "distribute" has 10 sense(s).

201378556 distribute or disperse widely; "The invaders spread their language all over the country".

201504130 to arrange in a systematic order; "stagger the chairs in the lecture hall".

202294436 administer or bestow, as in small portions; "administer critical remarks to everyone present"; "dole out some money"; "shell out pocket money for the children"; "deal a blow to someone"; "the machine dispenses soft drinks".

202479990 make available; "The publisher wants to distribute the book in Asia".

202754696 be distributed or spread, as in statistical analyses; "Values distribute".

202043190 cause be distributed; "This letter is being circulated among the faculty".

202201644 give to several people; "The teacher handed out the exams".

202754855 spread throughout a given area; "the function distributes the values evenly".

200968211 cause to become widely known; "spread information"; "circulate a rumor"; "broadcast the news".

202754598 be mathematically distributive.

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