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According to WordNet, the noun "corner" has 11 sense(s).

108659993 the point where three areas or surfaces meet or intersect; "the corners of a cube".

108544419 a place off to the side of an area; "he tripled to the rightfield corner"; "the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean".

114408951 a predicament from which a skillful or graceful escape is impossible; "his lying got him into a tight corner".

114445072 a temporary monopoly on a kind of commercial trade; "a corner on the silver market".

109257011 a projecting part where two sides or edges meet; "he knocked off the corners".

113872421 a small concavity.

103109881 an interior angle formed by two meeting walls; "a piano was in one corner of the room".

108544275 the point where two lines meet or intersect; "the corners of a rectangle".

103109486 the intersection of two streets; "standing on the corner watching all the girls go by".

108544593 a remote area; "in many corners of the world they still practice slavery".

103109693 (architecture) solid exterior angle of a building; especially one formed by a cornerstone.

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