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According to WordNet, the verb "blow_up" has 8 sense(s).

200306298 burst and release energy as through a violent chemical or physical reaction;"the bomb detonated at noon"; "The Molotov cocktail exploded".

200956405 add details to.

200264034 fill with gas or air; "inflate a balloons".

200264386 exaggerate or make bigger; "The charges were inflated".

200240293 make large; "blow up an image".

200263682 to swell or cause to enlarge, "Her faced puffed up from the drugs"; "puffed out chests".

200306723 cause to burst with a violent release of energy; "We exploded the nuclear bomb".

201795428 get very angry and fly into a rage; "The professor combusted when the student didn't know the answer to a very elementary question"; "Spam makes me go ballistic".

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