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Adjective Synset: 302559180

Words: unwholesome

Gloss: detrimental to physical or moral well-being; "unwholesome food"; "unwholesome habits like smoking"

also see 301160031 - harmful
also see 301611067 - noxious
also see 301167817 - unhealthful
also see 301172889 - unhealthy
also see 302274253 - unsound
derivationally related 104790449 - morbidity, morbidness, unwholesomeness
antonym 302557357 - wholesome
similar to 302559534 - insalubrious, unhealthful, unhealthy
similar to 302559694 - insubstantial, jejune
similar to 302559862 - morbid
similar to 302560035 - loathsome, nauseating, nauseous, noisome, offensive, queasy, sickening, vile
similar to 302560402 - rich

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