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Adjective Synset: 301587077

Words: awful, nasty

Gloss: offensive or even (of persons) malicious; "in a nasty mood"; "a nasty accident"; "a nasty shock"; "a nasty smell"; "a nasty trick to pull"; "Will he say nasty things at my funeral?"- Ezra Pound

also see 301801600 - unpleasant
attribute 104780755 - nastiness
derivationally related 104782116 - awfulness, dreadfulness, horridness, terribleness
derivationally related 104842515 - bitchiness, cattiness, nastiness, spite, spitefulness
derivationally related 104780755 - nastiness
antonym 301586342 - nice
similar to 301587474 - dirty, filthy, lousy
similar to 301587643 - grotty
similar to 301587787 - hateful, mean

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