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Verb Synset: 201392237

Words: pass_over, wipe

Gloss: rub with a circular motion; "wipe the blackboard"; "He passed his hands over the soft cloth"

hypernym 201249724 - rub
also see 201212230 - draw, guide, pass, run
derivationally related 100125126 - rub, wipe
derivationally related 110783646 - wiper
derivationally related 104593866 - contact_arm, wiper, wiper_arm
derivationally related 104590746 - windscreen_wiper, windshield_wiper, wiper, wiper_blade
also see 201392918 - wipe_away, wipe_off
also see 201392918 - wipe_away, wipe_off
also see 201548718 - efface, erase, rub_out, score_out, wipe_off
also see 201157517 - consume, deplete, eat, eat_up, exhaust, run_through, use_up, wipe_out
hyponym 201392663 - sponge
hyponym 201392790 - squeegee
hyponym 201393714 - broom, sweep
hyponym 201394335 - towel
hyponym 201435254 - whisk, whisk_off

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