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Verb Synset: 201382083

Words: cull, pick, pluck

Gloss: look for and gather; "pick mushrooms"; "pick flowers"

hypernym 201380638 - collect, garner, gather, pull_together
also see 200677203 - cull_out, winnow
derivationally related 113759558 - pick, picking
derivationally related 110431514 - picker
derivationally related 100714357 - picking
also see 202107248 - pick_up, receive
also see 202117955 - catch, pick_up
also see 201957107 - pick_up
also see 201592456 - pick_off, pluck, pull_off, tweak
also see 200677544 - pick_over, sieve_out
also see 200598954 - discover, find_out, get_a_line, get_wind, get_word, hear, learn, pick_up, see
hyponym 201382437 - mushroom
hyponym 201384102 - berry

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