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Verb Synset: 200887463

Words: commit, consecrate, dedicate, devote, give

Gloss: give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause; "She committed herself to the work of God"; "give one's talents to a good cause"; "consecrate your life to the church"

hypernym 201158872 - apply, employ, use, utilise, utilize
derivationally related 101044448 - cultism, devotion, idolatry, veneration
derivationally related 101206553 - devotion
derivationally related 110077593 - buff, devotee, fan, lover
derivationally related 101206153 - allegiance, commitment, dedication, loyalty
derivationally related 101041111 - consecration
derivationally related 107452348 - dedication
derivationally related 106684383 - commitment, dedication
derivationally related 104877421 - dedication
derivationally related 101206153 - allegiance, commitment, dedication, loyalty
hyponym 200886978 - consecrate, vow
verb group 200888009 - give
hyponym 200888150 - rededicate
verb group 202343595 - give, sacrifice
hyponym 202595523 - apply

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