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Verb Synset: 200794079

Words: provoke, stimulate

Gloss: provide the needed stimulus for

hypernym 200868591 - challenge
derivationally related 302310371 - stimulant, stimulating
derivationally related 105827684 - input, stimulant, stimulation, stimulus
derivationally related 301896478 - provocative
derivationally related 109184975 - incitation, incitement, provocation
derivationally related 107252764 - incitement, provocation
hyponym 200782527 - entice, lure, tempt
hyponym 200794383 - rejuvenate
hyponym 200794533 - jog
hyponym 200851239 - incite, instigate, set_off, stir_up
hyponym 202585050 - agitate, foment, stir_up

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