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Noun Synset: 113367070

Words: fund, stock, store

Gloss: a supply of something available for future use; "he brought back a large store of Cuban cigars"

hypernym 113366693 - accumulation
derivationally related 110658304 - stockist
derivationally related 101318053 - stocker
derivationally related 202329733 - stock
derivationally related 202323059 - stock
derivationally related 202323286 - buy_in, stock, stock_up
derivationally related 202285392 - carry, stock, stockpile
derivationally related 202281093 - hive_away, lay_in, put_in, salt_away, stack_away, stash_away, store
hyponym 103569964 - base, infrastructure
hyponym 113366912 - cache, hoard, stash
hyponym 113367448 - provision
hyponym 113367593 - government_issue, issue, military_issue
hyponym 113367787 - seed_stock

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