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Noun Synset: 110435988

Words: hurler, pitcher, twirler

Gloss: (baseball) the person who does the pitching; "our pitcher has a sore arm"

hypernym 110709529 - thrower
hypernym 109835506 - ballplayer, baseball_player
domain topic 100471613 - baseball, baseball_game
domain topic 100475787 - softball, softball_game
derivationally related 202048891 - swirl, twiddle, twirl, whirl
derivationally related 201507143 - cast, hurl, hurtle
derivationally related 201509079 - deliver, pitch
hyponym 110252921 - left-handed_pitcher, left-hander, left_hander, lefthander, lefty, southpaw
hyponym 110387324 - right-handed_pitcher, right-hander
hyponym 110518194 - fireman, relief_pitcher, reliever
hyponym 110564541 - screwballer
hyponym 110649574 - starting_pitcher

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