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Noun Synset: 110382825

Words: organist

Gloss: a person who plays an organ

hypernym 110340312 - instrumentalist, musician, player
derivationally related 103494537 - harmonium, organ, reed_organ
derivationally related 103273551 - Hammond_organ, electric_organ, electronic_organ, organ
derivationally related 103854065 - organ, pipe_organ
instance hyponym 110830229 - Bach, Johann_Sebastian_Bach
instance hyponym 110868025 - Anton_Bruckner, Bruckner
instance hyponym 110877015 - Byrd, William_Byrd
instance hyponym 110913010 - Couperin, Francois_Couperin
instance hyponym 111248599 - Henry_Purcell, Purcell
instance hyponym 111287964 - Albert_Schweitzer, Schweitzer
instance hyponym 111329808 - Tallis, Thomas_Tallis

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