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Noun Synset: 110220486

Words: jazz_musician, jazzman

Gloss: a musician who plays or composes jazz music

hypernym 110340312 - instrumentalist, musician, player
hyponym 110686694 - syncopator
instance hyponym 110823199 - Armstrong, Louis_Armstrong, Satchmo
instance hyponym 110924828 - Davis, Miles_Davis, Miles_Dewey_Davis_Jr.
instance hyponym 110958010 - Duke_Ellington, Edward_Kennedy_Ellington, Ellington
instance hyponym 111027127 - Hampton, Lionel_Hampton
instance hyponym 111044939 - Herman, Woodrow_Charles_Herman, Woody_Herman
instance hyponym 111185500 - Monk, Thelonious_Monk, Thelonious_Sphere_Monk
instance hyponym 111193058 - Ferdinand_Joseph_La_Menthe_Morton, Jelly_Roll_Morton, Morton
instance hyponym 111214153 - Joseph_Oliver, King_Oliver, Oliver
instance hyponym 111332688 - Art_Tatum, Arthur_Tatum, Tatum
instance hyponym 111372242 - Fats_Waller, Thomas_Wright_Waller, Waller

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