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Noun Synset: 110008716

Words: destroyer, ruiner, undoer, uprooter, waster

Gloss: a person who destroys or ruins or lays waste to; "a destroyer of the environment"; "jealousy was his undoer"; "uprooters of gravestones"

hypernym 109831962 - bad_person
derivationally related 201662118 - eradicate, exterminate, extirpate, root_out, uproot
derivationally related 200388635 - desolate, devastate, lay_waste_to, ravage, scourge, waste
derivationally related 202559199 - undo
derivationally related 202558951 - ruin
derivationally related 201566490 - ruin
derivationally related 201564144 - destroy, ruin
derivationally related 201619929 - destroy, destruct
derivationally related 201564144 - destroy, ruin
hyponym 109794917 - annihilator
hyponym 110196845 - iconoclast, image_breaker
hyponym 110544748 - diversionist, saboteur, wrecker
hyponym 110746056 - vandal

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