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Noun Synset: 109147964

Words: Green_Mountain_State, VT, Vermont

Gloss: a state in New England

instance hypernym 108655464 - American_state
part holonym 109044862 - America, U.S., U.S.A., US, USA, United_States, United_States_of_America, the_States
part holonym 109048880 - New_England
part meronym 109148259 - Montpelier, capital_of_Vermont
part meronym 109148422 - Bennington
part meronym 109148529 - Brattleboro
part meronym 109148662 - Burlington
part meronym 109148871 - Rutland
part meronym 109294413 - Green_Mountains
part meronym 109330604 - Champlain, Lake_Champlain
part meronym 109453288 - Taconic_Mountains

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