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Noun Synset: 109014979

Words: Ukraine, Ukrayina

Gloss: a republic in southeastern Europe; formerly a European soviet; the center of the original Russian state which came into existence in the ninth century

instance hypernym 108544813 - country, land, state
part holonym 109275473 - Europe
member holonym 108295138 - CIS, Commonwealth_of_Independent_States
derivationally related 302963665 - Ukrainian
part meronym 109015460 - Crimea
part meronym 109015907 - Kiev, Kyyiv, capital_of_the_Ukraine
part meronym 109016099 - Donetsk, Donetske, Stalino
part meronym 109016232 - Donbas, Donbass, Donets_Basin
part meronym 109016365 - Chernobyl
part meronym 109016860 - Kharkiv, Kharkov
part meronym 109017005 - Odesa, Odessa
part meronym 109236423 - Carpathian_Mountains, Carpathians
part meronym 109263087 - Danau, Danube, Danube_River
part meronym 109268236 - Dnieper, Dnieper_River
member meronym 109737050 - Ukranian

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