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Noun Synset: 108980300

Words: Philippine_Islands, Philippines

Gloss: an archipelago in the southwestern Pacific including some 7000 islands

instance hypernym 109203827 - archipelago
part holonym 109382990 - Pacific, Pacific_Ocean
member region 101270343 - Bataan, Corregidor
member region 101284124 - Leyte, Leyte_Island, Leyte_invasion
part meronym 108980640 - Cebu
part meronym 108980814 - Luzon
part meronym 108980920 - Mindanao
part meronym 108981123 - Mindoro
part meronym 108981244 - Philippines, Republic_of_the_Philippines
part meronym 108982452 - Bisayas, Visayan_Islands
member meronym 110688491 - Tagalog

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