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Noun Synset: 108888676

Words: Eire, Ireland, Irish_Republic, Republic_of_Ireland

Gloss: a republic consisting of 26 of 32 counties comprising the island of Ireland; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1921

instance hypernym 108696931 - European_country, European_nation
part holonym 108859173 - Emerald_Isle, Hibernia, Ireland
part holonym 109275473 - Europe
member holonym 108049989 - British_Commonwealth, Commonwealth_of_Nations
member holonym 108173515 - Common_Market, EC, EEC, EU, Europe, European_Community, European_Economic_Community, European_Union
derivationally related 109714952 - Irelander, Irish_person
member region 108019281 - CIRA, Continuity_Army_Council, Continuity_Irish_Republican_Army
member region 108024408 - Catholic_Reaction_Force, INLA, Irish_National_Liberation_Army, People's_Liberation_Army, People's_Republican_Army
member region 108024732 - IRA, Irish_Republican_Army, Provisional_IRA, Provisional_Irish_Republican_Army, Provos
member region 108040762 - Dissident_Irish_Republican_Army, RIRA, Real_IRA, Real_Irish_Republican_Army
part meronym 108889191 - Dublin, Irish_capital, capital_of_Ireland
part meronym 108889400 - Cork
part meronym 108889521 - Galway
part meronym 108889657 - Limerick
part meronym 108889784 - Tara
part meronym 108889944 - Waterford

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