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Noun Synset: 108702402

Words: South_American_country, South_American_nation

Gloss: any one of the countries occupying the South American continent

hypernym 108544813 - country, land, state
part holonym 109440400 - South_America
instance hyponym 108711974 - Argentina, Argentine_Republic
instance hyponym 108720481 - Chile, Republic_of_Chile
instance hyponym 108732116 - Colombia, Republic_of_Colombia
instance hyponym 108776687 - Ecuador, Republic_of_Ecuador
instance hyponym 108852843 - Bolivia, Republic_of_Bolivia
instance hyponym 108853741 - Brasil, Brazil, Federative_Republic_of_Brazil
instance hyponym 108948346 - British_Guiana, Co-operative_Republic_of_Guyana, Guyana
instance hyponym 108978343 - Paraguay, Republic_of_Paraguay
instance hyponym 108979054 - Peru, Republic_of_Peru
instance hyponym 109030752 - Dutch_Guiana, Netherlands_Guiana, Republic_of_Suriname, Surinam, Suriname
instance hyponym 109160295 - Uruguay
instance hyponym 109161803 - Republic_of_Venezuela, Venezuela

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