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Noun Synset: 108570758

Words: athletic_field, field, playing_area, playing_field

Gloss: a piece of land prepared for playing a game; "the home crowd cheered when Princeton took the field"

hypernym 108673395 - parcel, parcel_of_land, piece_of_ground, piece_of_land, tract
part holonym 104295881 - arena, bowl, sports_stadium, stadium
derivationally related 201082290 - field
derivationally related 201081852 - field
hyponym 102736511 - arena, scene_of_action
hyponym 102780916 - ball_field, baseball_field, diamond
hyponym 103120491 - court
hyponym 103378915 - football_field, gridiron
hyponym 103878511 - palaestra, palestra
hyponym 108516660 - bowling_green
part meronym 108571275 - midfield

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