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Noun Synset: 108173515

Words: Common_Market, EC, EEC, EU, Europe, European_Community, European_Economic_Community, European_Union

Gloss: an international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members; "he tried to take Britain into the Europen Union"

hypernym 108294696 - global_organization, international_organisation, international_organization, world_organisation, world_organization
derivationally related 302968325 - European
member meronym 108761244 - Danmark, Denmark, Kingdom_of_Denmark
member meronym 108765890 - Kingdom_of_Sweden, Sverige, Sweden
member meronym 108766988 - Deutschland, FRG, Federal_Republic_of_Germany, Germany
member meronym 108779504 - Finland, Republic_of_Finland, Suomi
member meronym 108780881 - Ellas, Greece, Hellenic_Republic
member meronym 108801678 - Italia, Italian_Republic, Italy
member meronym 108845555 - Austria, Oesterreich, Republic_of_Austria
member meronym 108849753 - Belgique, Belgium, Kingdom_of_Belgium
member meronym 108860123 - Britain, Great_Britain, U.K., UK, United_Kingdom, United_Kingdom_of_Great_Britain_and_Northern_Ireland
member meronym 108888676 - Eire, Ireland, Irish_Republic, Republic_of_Ireland
member meronym 108929922 - France, French_Republic
member meronym 108949093 - Holland, Kingdom_of_The_Netherlands, Nederland, Netherlands, The_Netherlands
member meronym 108960987 - Grand_Duchy_of_Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxemburg
member meronym 108984788 - Portugal, Portuguese_Republic
member meronym 109023321 - Espana, Kingdom_of_Spain, Spain

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