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Noun Synset: 106355894

Words: code, computer_code

Gloss: (computer science) the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions in a computer program or the set of such instructions

hypernym 106353757 - coding_system
domain topic 106128570 - computer_science, computing
derivationally related 200994076 - cipher, code, cypher, encipher, encrypt, inscribe, write_in_code
hyponym 106356515 - address, computer_address, reference
hyponym 106356755 - ASCII, American_Standard_Code_for_Information_Interchange
hyponym 106357304 - binary_code
hyponym 106357424 - ECC, error_correction_code
hyponym 106357814 - firmware, microcode
hyponym 106357985 - machine_code, machine_language
hyponym 106358159 - object_code
hyponym 106358311 - operation_code, order_code
hyponym 106566077 - computer_software, package, software, software_package, software_program, software_system
hyponym 106584891 - command, instruction, program_line, statement

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