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Noun Synset: 105893653

Words: misconception

Gloss: an incorrect conception

hypernym 105833840 - idea, thought
derivationally related 200619869 - be_amiss, misapprehend, misconceive, misconstrue, misinterpret, misunderstand
antonym 105835747 - concept, conception, construct
hyponym 105893916 - fallacy, false_belief
hyponym 105895465 - erroneous_belief, error
hyponym 105895588 - self-deceit, self-deception
hyponym 105895723 - misapprehension, mistake, misunderstanding
hyponym 105896059 - fancy, fantasy, illusion, phantasy
hyponym 105896733 - delusion, hallucination
hyponym 105940214 - mirage
hyponym 105940688 - unsoundness

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