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Noun Synset: 104264914

Words: ballistic_capsule, space_vehicle, spacecraft

Gloss: a craft capable of traveling in outer space; technically, a satellite around the sun

hypernym 103125870 - craft
hypernym 104137444 - artificial_satellite, orbiter, satellite
part meronym 102932019 - cabin
part meronym 103510072 - heat_shield
part meronym 103569293 - inertial_guidance_system, inertial_navigation_system
hyponym 103638180 - lander
hyponym 103697366 - LEM, lunar_excursion_module, lunar_module
part meronym 103779000 - module
hyponym 104264765 - capsule, space_capsule
hyponym 104266014 - space_shuttle
hyponym 104304215 - spaceship, starship

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