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Noun Synset: 103569964

Words: base, infrastructure

Gloss: the stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area; "the industrial base of Japan"

hypernym 113367070 - fund, stock, store
part meronym 103077958 - communication_equipment, communication_system
part meronym 103347338 - fire_station, firehouse
part meronym 103425956 - gas_system
part meronym 103711145 - main
part meronym 103907654 - penal_facility, penal_institution
part meronym 103997027 - grid, power_grid, power_system
part meronym 104019335 - public_works
part meronym 104146976 - school_system
part meronym 104178897 - sewage_system, sewage_works, sewer_system
part meronym 104473432 - transit, transportation, transportation_system
part meronym 104562658 - water, water_supply, water_system

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