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Noun Synset: 103540595

Words: hospital, infirmary

Gloss: a health facility where patients receive treatment

hypernym 103739518 - health_facility, healthcare_facility, medical_building
derivationally related 202348927 - hospitalise, hospitalize
part meronym 102922996 - burn_center
part meronym 103043274 - clinic
hyponym 103129471 - creche, foundling_hospital
part meronym 103541091 - hospital_room
hyponym 103650803 - lazar_house, lazaret, lazarette, lazaretto, pesthouse
hyponym 103730334 - maternity_hospital
hyponym 103746574 - asylum, insane_asylum, institution, mental_home, mental_hospital, mental_institution, psychiatric_hospital
hyponym 103762982 - military_hospital
hyponym 104133497 - sanatarium, sanatorium, sanitarium
part meronym 104549919 - hospital_ward, ward

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