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Noun Synset: 102652668

Words: plectognath, plectognath_fish

Gloss: tropical marine fishes having the teeth fused into a beak and thick skin covered with bony plates or spines

hypernym 102552171 - acanthopterygian, spiny-finned_fish
member holonym 102652335 - Plectognathi, order_Plectognathi, order_Tetraodontiformes
hyponym 102653145 - triggerfish
hyponym 102653786 - filefish
hyponym 102654425 - boxfish, trunkfish
hyponym 102655020 - blowfish, globefish, puffer, pufferfish
hyponym 102655523 - spiny_puffer
hyponym 102656670 - headfish, mola, ocean_sunfish, sunfish

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