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Noun Synset: 102429695

Words: Cervidae, family_Cervidae

Gloss: deer: reindeer; moose or elks; muntjacs; roe deer

hypernym 101862557 - mammal_family
member holonym 102398732 - Ruminantia, suborder_Ruminantia
member meronym 102430045 - cervid, deer
member meronym 102430929 - Cervus, genus_Cervus
member meronym 102432139 - Odocoileus, genus_Odocoileus
member meronym 102432867 - Alces, genus_Alces
member meronym 102433205 - Dama, genus_Dama
member meronym 102433426 - Capreolus, genus_Capreolus
member meronym 102433796 - Rangifer, genus_Rangifer
member meronym 102434598 - Mazama, genus_Mazama
member meronym 102434834 - Muntiacus, genus_Muntiacus
member meronym 102435099 - Moschus, genus_Moschus
member meronym 102435386 - Elaphurus, genus_Elaphurus

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