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Noun Synset: 101066163

Words: delay, holdup

Gloss: the act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time

hypernym 101062583 - inactivity
derivationally related 200459776 - delay, detain, hold_up
derivationally related 200440286 - check, delay, retard
derivationally related 200460900 - delay, detain, stay
derivationally related 200459776 - delay, detain, hold_up
hyponym 100383952 - break, disruption, gap, interruption
hyponym 101066545 - demurrage
hyponym 101066689 - forbearance
hyponym 101066881 - deferment, deferral, postponement
hyponym 101067362 - cunctation, procrastination, shillyshally
hyponym 101067577 - lag, retardation, slowdown
hyponym 101067819 - dalliance, dawdling, trifling
hyponym 101068012 - filibuster
hyponym 101068423 - lingering, tarriance

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