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CarryBot CarryBot
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CaribbeanDevelopmentBank (caribbean development bank) capability (capability)
CaribbeanRegion (caribbean region) capabilityDuring (capable during)
CaribbeanSea (caribbean sea) capableAtLocation (capable at location)
CaritasPolandChechnya (caritas poland chechnya) capacity (capacity)
CarmelIsrael (carmel israel) capacityByArrangement (capacity by arrangement)
CarmenDeBolivarColombia (carmen de bolivar colombia) capitalCity (capital city)
Carnivore (carnivore) capitalExpendituresOfArea (capital expenditures of area)
Carpenter (carpenter) capitalExpendituresOfAreaInPeriod (capital expenditures of area in period)
Carpentry (carpentry) cardAccount (card account)
CarpentryAndFloorContractors (carpentry and floor contractors) cardCode (card code)
CarpentryContractors (carpentry contractors) cardinality (cardinality)
CarpetAndRugMills (carpet and rug mills) cargo (cargo)
CarpetAndUpholsteryCleaningServices (carpet and upholstery cleaning services) cargoType (cargo type)
CarrejonColombia (carrejon colombia) carrierFrequency (carrier frequency)
Carrot (carrot) carries (carries)
CarryBot carryBot
Carrying (carrying) catalogItem (catalogItem)
Cartography (cartography) catalyst (catalyst)
CartridgeCase (casing) categoryID (category identifier string)
CartridgeHardDisk (CartridgeHardDisk) categoryOf (category of)
CartridgeHardDiskDrive (CartridgeHardDiskDrive) causes (causes)
CascadingStylesheets (CSS) causesProposition (causes proposition)
CaseRole (case role) causesSubclass (causes subclass)
Cash (cash) chamberOfLegislature (chamber of legislature)
CashPayment (cash payment) chanceryAddressInArea (chancery address in area)
CashewNut (cashew nut) chanceryFAXNumberInArea (chanceryFAX number in area)
Casino (Casino) chanceryMailingAddressInArea (chancery mailing address in area)
CasinoHotels (casino hotels) chanceryTelephoneNumberInArea (chancery telephone number in area)
CasinosExceptCasinoHotels (casinos except casino hotels) changesLocation (changes location)
Cask (Cask) checkAccount (check account)
CaspianCuisine (Caspian Cuisine) checkInTime (check-in time)
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