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Rural (rural) riskLevel (risk level)
Russia (russia) riskTolerance (risk tolerance)
RussianAleutMixedLanguage (russian aleut mixed language) roleAppointsRole (role appoints role)
RussianCuisine (Russian Cuisine) roleApprovesRole (role approves role)
RussianEthnicity (russian ethnicity) roleNominatesRole (role nominates role)
RussianLanguage (russian language) roomAmenity (room amenity)
RussianRuble (russian ruble) roomAttribute (room attribute)
RussianSignLanguage (russian sign language) roomPolicy (room policy)
RusynLanguage (rusyn language) roomStay (room stay)
Ruthenium (ruthenium) routeBetween (route between)
Rwanda (rwanda) routeEnd (routeEnd)
RwandaFranc (rwanda franc) routeInSystem (route in system)
RyeFarming (rye farming) routeStart (routeStart)
RyeGrain (rye grain) runningOn (running on)
RyukyuanLanguage (ryukyuan language) runsOn (runs on)
S* s*
SARSEPPlan (SARSEP plan) screenOfGUIE (screenOfGUIE)
SCRFn (sales conversion rate) seaSurfaceTemperature (sea ace temperature)
SEO (search engine optimization) searchQueryRewrite (search query rewrite)
SMAWBunkerBuster (Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon) searchResult (search result)
SRPEngagementFn (SRP Engagement) seatsHeldInOrganization (seats held in organization)
SRPResults (search results) seatsInOrganizationCount (seats in organization count)
SaadaPakistan (saada pakistan) seatsWonInElection (seats won in election)
SaadaYemen (saada yemen) secretesSubstance (secretes substance)
SabanesLanguage (sabanes language) secretesToxin (secretes toxin)
SabatenaColombia (sabatena colombia) sectorCompositionOfGDP (sector composition ofGDP)
SabiaVirus (sabia virus) sectorCompositionOfGDPInPeriod (sector composition of GDP in period)
Sabotage (sabotage) sectorValueOfGDP (sector value of GDP)
SacramentoUnitedStates (sacramento united states) sectorValueOfGDPInPeriod (sector value of GDP in period)
SadFacialExpression (sad facial expression) securedBy (secured by)
SadVoiceUtterance (sad voice utterance) securityQA (securityQA)
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