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H* H*
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GunStock (gun stock) greaterThanByQuality (greaterThanByQuality)
GunTrigger (gun trigger) greaterThanOrEqualTo (greater than or equal to)
GuriasoLanguage (guriaso language) grossMerchandiseBoughtInPeriod (GMB)
GushEtzionWestBank (gush etzion west bank) grossMerchandiseSoldInPeriod (GMV)
GushKatifGazaStrip (gush katif gaza strip) groundSubaceType (ground subace type)
GushKhatifGazaStrip (gush khatif gaza strip) groundSubsurfaceType (groundSubsurfaceType)
Gutrah (gutrah) groundSurfaceType (ground ace type)
Guyana (guyana) groupMember (group member)
GuyanaDollar (guyana dollar) groupingTitle (groupingTitle)
GuyaneseCreoleEnglishLanguage (guyanese creole english language) guest (guest)
GuyaneseCuisine (Guyanese Cuisine) guiElementCovered (guiElementCovered)
Gymnast (Gymnast) guiElementCoveredBy (guiElementCoveredBy)
Gymnastics (gymnastics) guiElementPartiallyCovered (guiElementPartiallyCovered)
GypsumProductManufacturing (gypsum product manufacturing) guiElementPartiallyCoveredBy (guiElementPartiallyCoveredBy)
Gyrator (gyrator) guiElementUncovered (guiElementUncovered)
H* h*
HIVVirus (HIV virus) habitatOfOrganism (habitatOfOrganism)
HMOMedicalCenters (HMO medical centers) half (half)
HNMilitaryAssistance (host nation military assistance) hardwareType (hardware type)
HSPANetwork (HSPA Network) hasAccount (has account)
Haboob (Haboob) hasAcrossVariable (has across variable)
HaderaIsrael (hadera israel) hasAward (has award)
Hafnium (hafnium) hasDependency (has dependency)
HaifaIsrael (haifa israel) hasDimension (has dimension)
Hailing (hailing) hasExpertise (has expertise)
Hailstone (hailstone) hasGUEState (hasGUEState)
HaiphongSignLanguage (haiphong sign language) hasMolecularStructuralAttribute (has molecular structural attribute)
Hair (hair) hasOccupation (has occupation)
HairDryer (hair dryer) hasPurpose (has purpose)
HairNailAndSkinCareServices (hair nail and skin care services) hasPurposeForAgent (has purpose for agent)
HairRemoval (hair removal) hasSkill (has skill)
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