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Sigma KEE - VaccinatableDisease

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation VaccinatableDisease EnglishLanguage "A disease for which there is an effective vaccine for Humans.") WMD.kif 995-996
(subclass VaccinatableDisease InfectiousDisease) WMD.kif 994-994 subclass VaccinatableDisease and InfectiousDisease

appearance as argument number 2

(instance Botulism VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 334-334 instance Botulism and VaccinatableDisease
(instance Cholera VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1389-1389 instance Cholera and VaccinatableDisease
(instance HepatitisA VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1653-1653 instance HepatitisA and VaccinatableDisease
(instance HepatitisB VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1665-1665 instance HepatitisB and VaccinatableDisease
(instance JapaneseEncephalitis VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1578-1578 instance JapaneseEncephalitis and VaccinatableDisease
(instance Pertussis VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1443-1443 instance Pertussis and VaccinatableDisease
(instance Plague VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 407-407 instance Plague and VaccinatableDisease
(instance Tetanus VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1401-1401 instance Tetanus and VaccinatableDisease
(instance Tuberculosis VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1596-1596 instance Tuberculosis and VaccinatableDisease
(subclass Influenza VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1351-1351 subclass Influenza and VaccinatableDisease
(subclass TickBorneEncephalitis VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1854-1854 subclass TickBorneEncephalitis and VaccinatableDisease
(subclass VenezuelanEquineEncephalitis VaccinatableDisease) WMD.kif 1312-1312 subclass VenezuelanEquineEncephalitis and VaccinatableDisease
(termFormat ChineseLanguage VaccinatableDisease "可预防的疾病") domainEnglishFormat.kif 61066-61066
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage VaccinatableDisease "可預防的疾病") domainEnglishFormat.kif 61065-61065
(termFormat EnglishLanguage VaccinatableDisease "vaccinatable disease") domainEnglishFormat.kif 61064-61064


    (instance ?DISEASE VaccinatableDisease)
    (exists (?VACCINE)
            (instance ?VACCINE BiologicallyActiveSubstance)
                    (instance ?PUT Putting)
                    (destination ?PUT ?HUMAN)
                    (instance ?HUMAN Human))
                        (WhenFn ?PUT))
                        (attribute ?HUMAN ?DISEASE)))))))
WMD.kif 998-1008

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