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Sigma KEE - BacterialDisease

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation BacterialDisease EnglishLanguage "A disease that is caused by instances of Bacterium.") Mid-level-ontology.kif 5983-5984
(subclass BacterialDisease InfectiousDisease) Mid-level-ontology.kif 5982-5982 subclass BacterialDisease and InfectiousDisease

appearance as argument number 2

(instance Anthrax BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1057-1057 instance Anthrax and BacterialDisease
(instance Botulism BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 332-332 instance Botulism and BacterialDisease
(instance Brucellosis BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 393-393 instance Brucellosis and BacterialDisease
(instance Cholera BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1388-1388 instance Cholera and BacterialDisease
(instance Diphtheria BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1767-1767 instance Diphtheria and BacterialDisease
(instance Glanders BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 364-364 instance Glanders and BacterialDisease
(instance Gonorrhea BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1078-1078 instance Gonorrhea and BacterialDisease
(instance Legionellosis BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1749-1749 instance Legionellosis and BacterialDisease
(instance LouseBorneTyphus BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 271-271 instance LouseBorneTyphus and BacterialDisease
(instance Melioidosis BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 380-380 instance Melioidosis and BacterialDisease
(instance NecrotizingFaciitis BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1631-1631 instance NecrotizingFaciitis and BacterialDisease
(instance Pertussis BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1442-1442 instance Pertussis and BacterialDisease
(instance Plague BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 406-406 instance Plague and BacterialDisease
(instance Psittacosis BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1466-1466 instance Psittacosis and BacterialDisease
(instance QFever BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1081-1081 instance QFever and BacterialDisease
(instance RockyMountainSpottedFever BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 258-258 instance RockyMountainSpottedFever and BacterialDisease
(instance ScarletFever BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1626-1626 instance ScarletFever and BacterialDisease
(instance StrepThroat BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1621-1621 instance StrepThroat and BacterialDisease
(instance Tetanus BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1400-1400 instance Tetanus and BacterialDisease
(instance Tuberculosis BacterialDisease) Mid-level-ontology.kif 6069-6069 instance Tuberculosis and BacterialDisease
(instance Tularemia BacterialDisease) WMD.kif 1133-1133 instance Tularemia and BacterialDisease
(termFormat ChineseLanguage BacterialDisease "细菌性疾病") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9545-9545
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage BacterialDisease "細菌性疾病") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9544-9544
(termFormat EnglishLanguage BacterialDisease "bacterial disease") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9543-9543


        (instance ?BACTERIUM BacterialAgent)
        (biochemicalAgentSyndrome ?BACTERIUM ?SYNDROME))
    (instance ?SYNDROME BacterialDisease))
WMD.kif 1045-1049
    (diseaseTreatment ?DISEASE Antibiotic ?PROCESS)
    (instance ?DISEASE BacterialDisease))
WMD.kif 1192-1194
    (diseaseTreatment ?DISEASE Bacitracin ?PROCESS)
        (instance ?DISEASE BacterialDisease)
        (instance ?PROCESS Putting)))
WMD.kif 1240-1244

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