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Wrench webPurchases
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WorldBankGroup (world bank group) viewedListing (viewed listing)
WorldConfederationOfLabor (world confederation of labor) visibilityInMeteorology (visibility in meteorology)
WorldCustomsOrganization (world customs organization) visitorParameter (visitor profile parameter)
WorldFederationOfTradeUnions (world federation of trade unions) voltageMeasure (voltage measure)
WorldFoodProgram (world food program) voteFractionReceived (vote fraction received)
WorldHealthOrganization (world health organization) wants (wants)
WorldIntellectualPropertyOrganization (world intellectual property organization) warmSeasonInArea (warm season in area)
WorldLaborIssues (world labor issues) watchingListings (watching listings)
WorldMeteorologicalOrganization (world meteorological organization) waterAreaOnly (water area only)
WorldOcean (world ocean) waterDepth (water depth)
WorldTourismOrganization (world tourism organization) waveHeight (wave height)
WorldTradeOrganization (world trade organization) wavelength (wavelength)
Worm (worm) weaponCarryingCapability (weapon carrying capability)
Worry (worry) wears (wears)
WreckingAndDemolitionContractors (wrecking and demolition contractors) webPageURL (url)
Wrench webPurchases
Wrench (wrench) webPurchases (web purchases)
Wrestler (Wrestler) webSales (web sales)
Wrestling (Wrestling) webSeller (web seller)
Wrist (wrist) webStoreAdvertisement (web store advertisement)
WriteOnceDataStorage (WriteOnceDataStorage) webVisitor (web visitor)
Writer (writer) webcart (web cart)
Writing (writing) weddingdate (weddingdate)
WritingDevice (writing device) weight (weight)
WrittenCommunication (written communication) width (width)
WrittenHumanLanguage (WrittenHumanLanguage) widthLimit (widthLimit)
WrittenLanguage (WrittenLanguage) wife (wife)
WutungLanguage (wutung language) windRelativePosition (wind relative position)
WutunhuaLanguage (wutunhua language) witness (witness)
WyandotLanguage (wyandot language) workAddress (work address)
Wyoming (wyoming) workPhoneNumber (workPhoneNumber)
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