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TwoDimensionalObject (two dimensional object) traverses (traverses)
TwoStrokeCompression (two stroke compression) treatedPage (treated page)
TwoStrokeEngine (two stroke engine) treatedPageDefinition (treated page definition)
TwoStrokeEngineCycle (two stroke engine cycle) treatedUser (treatedUser)
TwoStrokeIntake (two stroke intake) treatmentGroup (treatment group)
TwoStrokeTransfer (two stroke transfer) tributary (tributary)
TwoTierLaborMarketEconomy (two tier labor market economy) trichotomizingOn (trichotomizing on)
TwoWheelDrive (two wheel drive) true (true)
TwoWheelDriveVehicle (four wheel drive) trusts (trusts)
Twopole (twopole) truth (truth)
Twoport (twoport) typicalAction (typicalAction)
Tying (tying) typicalPart (typical part)
TyphoidFever (typhoid fever) typicalTemporalPart (typicalTemporalPart)
Typhoon (typhoon) typicallyContainsPart (typically contains part)
Typing (Typing) typicallyContainsTemporalPart (typicallyContainsTemporalPart)
U* u*
UIElement (UIElement) udaCanSignify (udaCanSignify)
UNEconomicDevelopmentLevel (UN economic development level) uncle (uncle)
UPCcode (UPCcode) underageUser (underageUser)
USAirforceRankingSystem (US airforce ranking system) underlier (underlier)
USArmyRankingSystem (US army ranking system) unemploymentRateOfArea (unemployment rate of area)
USCivilWarSoldier (US civil war soldier) unemploymentRateOfAreaInPeriod (unemployment rate of area in period)
USCoastGuardRankingSystem (US coast guard ranking system) uniqueIdWithRespectTo (uniqueIdWithRespectTo)
USCustomsAndBorderProtection (US customs and border protection) uniqueIdentifier (unique identifier)
USFEMA (fema) unitMeasuringPerformance (unit measuring performance)
USHoliday (USHoliday) unitNumber (unit number)
USMarineCorpsRankingSystem (US marine corps ranking system) unitPrice (unitPrice)
USMilitary (United States military) unpaidItem (unpaid item)
USMilitaryRank (US military rank) unratifiedSignatoryToAgreement (unratified signatory to agreement)
USMilitaryRankE1 (US military rank e1) userDatabase (user database)
USMilitaryRankE2 (US military rank e2) userFeedbackScore (user feedback score)
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