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Sigma KEE - DenominatorFn

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation DenominatorFn ChineseLanguage "(DenominatorFn ?NUMBER)得出 RealNumber ?NUMBER 还原规范形式的分母。") Merge.kif 4959-4960
(documentation DenominatorFn EnglishLanguage "(DenominatorFn ?NUMBER) returns the denominator of the canonical reduced form of the RealNumber ?NUMBER.") Merge.kif 4957-4958
(domain DenominatorFn 1 RealNumber) Merge.kif 4955-4955
(instance DenominatorFn TotalValuedRelation) Merge.kif 4954-4954
(instance DenominatorFn UnaryFunction) Merge.kif 4953-4953
(range DenominatorFn Integer) Merge.kif 4956-4956

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage DenominatorFn "%1 的分母") chinese_format.kif 694-694
(format EnglishLanguage DenominatorFn "the denominator of %1") english_format.kif 431-431
(format FrenchLanguage DenominatorFn "le denominateur de %1") french_format.kif 420-420
(format ItalianLanguage DenominatorFn "il denominatore di %1") relations-it.txt 68-68
(format PortugueseLanguage DenominatorFn "o denominador de %1") portuguese_format.kif 372-372
(format de DenominatorFn "der nenner von %1") relations-de.txt 907-907
(format hi DenominatorFn "%1 kaa hara") relations-hindi.txt 109-109
(format tg DenominatorFn "ang denominator ng %1") relations-cb.txt 102-102
(termFormat ChineseLanguage DenominatorFn "分母函数") chinese_format.kif 695-695
(termFormat EnglishLanguage DenominatorFn "denominator") domainEnglishFormat.kif 3595-3595
(termFormat tg DenominatorFn "tungkluin denominator") relations-tg.txt 153-153

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