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T* T*
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SymmetricRelation (symmetric relation) successorAttributeClosure (successor attribute closure)
SymmetricShape (symmetric shape) successorClass (successorClass)
Synagogue (synagogue) successorOrganization (successor organization)
SyntheticDyeAndPigmentManufacturing (synthetic dye and pigment manufacturing) suffers (suffers)
SyntheticOrganicDyeAndPigmentManufacturing (synthetic organic dye and pigment manufacturing) suffrageAgeMaximum (suffrage age maximum)
SyntheticRubberManufacturing (synthetic rubber manufacturing) suffrageAgeMinimum (suffrage age minimum)
SyntheticSubstance (synthetic substance) superficialPart (superficial part)
Syria (syria) surface (surface)
SyrianCuisine (Syrian Cuisine) surfaceWindDirection (surface wind direction)
SyrianPound (syrian pound) surfaceWindSpeed (surface wind speed)
SystemBehaviorAttribute (system behavior attribute) surfaceWindVelocity (surface wind velocity)
SystemDesign (system design) synonymousExternalConcept (synonymous external concept)
SystemSpecification (system specification) systemBehavior (system behavior)
SystemeInternationalUnit (systeme international unit) systemMeasured (system measured)
SzechuanCuisine (Szechuan Cuisine) systemPart (system part)
T* t*
T2Toxin (t2 toxin) tTest (t test result)
TBilisiGeorgia (T bilisi georgia) tags (tags)
TDDPhone (TDDPhone) tangent (tangent)
TPFDD (time-phased force and deployment data) targetInAttack (target in attack)
TPFDDFile (time-phased force and deployment data file) task (task)
TTFxFn (TTFx) taskRelation (task relation)
TVRemoteControl (tv remote) taxDeferredIncome (tax deferred income)
TabKey (TabKey) teacher (teacher)
TabaruLanguage (tabaru language) telecomAreaCode (telecomAreaCode)
Table (table) telecomCode2 (telecomCode2)
TableTennis (TableTennis) telecomContactDevice (telecomContactDevice)
TabletComputer (TabletComputer) telecomCoreNumber (telecomCoreNumber)
Tableware (tableware) telecomCountryCode (telecomCountryCode)
Tabun (tabun) telecomExtension (telecomExtension)
TacanaLanguage (tacana language) telephoneNumber (telephone number)
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