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Sigma KEE - expectedYearOfGraduation

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation expectedYearOfGraduation EnglishLanguage "This refers to the expected year of Graduation for a Student who has not yet graduated.") LinkedInDegrees.kif 437-439
(domain expectedYearOfGraduation 1 Student) LinkedInDegrees.kif 441-441
(domain expectedYearOfGraduation 2 Year) LinkedInDegrees.kif 442-442
(instance expectedYearOfGraduation BinaryPredicate) LinkedInDegrees.kif 443-443
(subrelation expectedYearOfGraduation inScopeOfInterest) LinkedInDegrees.kif 444-444
(termFormat expectedYearOfGraduation EnglishLanguage "expected year of graduation") LinkedInDegrees.kif 445-445

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage expectedYearOfGraduation "%1 expects to graduate in %2") domainEnglishFormat.kif 847-847


        (instance ?STUDENT1 Student)
        (instance ?STUDENT2 Student)
        (instance ?SCHOOL School)
        (attends ?STUDENT1 ?SCHOOL)
        (attends ?STUDENT2 ?SCHOOL)
        (instance ?YEAR Year)
        (expectedYearOfGraduation ?STUDENT1
            (YearFn ?YEAR))
        (expectedYearOfGraduation ?STUDENT2
            (YearFn ?YEAR)))
    (classmate ?STUDENT1 ?STUDENT2))
LinkedInDegrees.kif 473-483


        (instance ?STUDENT Student)
        (instance ?SCHOOL School)
        (attends ?STUDENT ?SCHOOL)
        (instance ?GRADUATE Graduation)
        (exists (?YEAR ?TIMEINTERVAL1)
                (instance ?YEAR Year)
                (time ?TIMEINTERVAL1 ?GRADUATE)
                (agent ?GRADUATE ?SCHOOL)
                (patient ?GRADUATE ?STUDENT)
                (during ?TIMEINTERVAL1 ?YEAR))))
    (expectedYearOfGraduation ?STUDENT
        (YearFn ?YEAR)))
LinkedInDegrees.kif 447-460

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