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Sigma KEE - connectedInSocialNetwork

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation connectedInSocialNetwork EnglishLanguage "This refers to the connections made between two distinc people who have SocialNetworkingAccounts on the same SocialNetworkingSite. Some examples would be facebookFriends, classmates, colleagues, and followers. Note that while many connections are symmetrical (e.g. facebookFriend, classmate), many are not (e.g. follower). Therefore, this is neither a symmetric nor an antisymmetric relation.") Facebook.kif 30-37
(domain connectedInSocialNetwork 1 SocialNetworkingUser) Facebook.kif 43-43
(domain connectedInSocialNetwork 2 SocialNetworkingUser) Facebook.kif 44-44
(instance connectedInSocialNetwork BinaryRelation) Facebook.kif 39-39
(instance connectedInSocialNetwork IntentionalRelation) Facebook.kif 40-40
(instance connectedInSocialNetwork IrreflexiveRelation) Facebook.kif 41-41
(subrelation connectedInSocialNetwork inScopeOfInterest) Facebook.kif 42-42

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage connectedInSocialNetwork "%1 is connected with %2") domainEnglishFormat.kif 778-778
(subrelation facebookFriend connectedInSocialNetwork) Facebook.kif 351-351
(subrelation follows connectedInSocialNetwork) Facebook.kif 69-69
(termFormat EnglishLanguage connectedInSocialNetwork "connected in social network") Facebook.kif 45-45


    (connectedInSocialNetwork ?USER1 ?USER2)
    (exists (?ACCOUNT1 ?ACCOUNT2 ?SITE)
            (instance ?SITE SocialNetworkingSite)
            (instance ?ACCOUNT1
                (AccountOfServiceFn ?SITE))
            (instance ?ACCOUNT2
                (AccountOfServiceFn ?SITE))
            (hasAccount ?USER1 ?ACCOUNT1)
            (hasAccount ?USER2 ?ACCOUNT2))))
Facebook.kif 51-59


        (instance ?USER1 SocialNetworkingUser)
        (birthday ?USER1 ?DAY)
        (instance ?AUTONOTIFY AutomatedNotificationSystem)
        (agent ?PROCESS ?AUTONOTIFY)
        (instance ?BIRTHDAYNOTIFICATION BirthdayNotification)
        (represents ?BIRTHDAYNOTIFICATION ?USER1))
    (holdsDuring ?DAY
        (forall (?USER2)
                    (instance ?USER2 SocialNetworkingUser)
                    (connectedInSocialNetwork ?USER1 ?USER2))
                (destination ?PROCESS ?USER2)))))
Facebook.kif 689-704

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