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Sigma KEE - TimeMeasure
TimeMeasureقِيَاس الوَقْت_, Medida_Temporal, MisuraTemporale, bimillenial, gitas-ong_oras, mesure_temporel, samaya_maapa, span, sukat_ng_panahon, temporal, time, time_measure, 时间单位

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation TimeMeasure ChineseLanguage "这个是通用时间轴(TimePosition 的实例)上的类别, 它包括时间段(TimeDuration 的实例),与 TimePointTimeInterval 的定位。") Merge.kif 2150-2151
(documentation TimeMeasure EnglishLanguage "The class of temporal durations (instances of TimeDuration) and positions of TimePoints and TimeIntervals along the universal timeline (instances of TimePosition).") Merge.kif 2147-2149
(subclass TimeMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 2146-2146

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass TimeDuration TimeMeasure) Merge.kif 2153-2153
(subclass TimePosition TimeMeasure) Merge.kif 2159-2159
(termFormat ChineseLanguage TimeMeasure "时间单位") chinese_format.kif 877-877
(termFormat EnglishLanguage TimeMeasure "time measure") english_format.kif 564-564
(termFormat FrenchLanguage TimeMeasure "mesure temporel") french_format.kif 553-553
(termFormat Hindi TimeMeasure "samaya maapa") terms-hindi.txt 83-83
(termFormat ItalianLanguage TimeMeasure "MisuraTemporale") terms-it.txt 84-84
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage TimeMeasure "Medida Temporal") portuguese_format.kif 505-505
(termFormat ar TimeMeasure "قِيَاس الوَقْت ") arabic_format.kif 289-289
(termFormat cb TimeMeasure "gitas-ong oras") terms-cb.txt 88-88
(termFormat cz TimeMeasure "time measure") terms-cz.txt 120-120
(termFormat tg TimeMeasure "sukat ng panahon") terms-tg.txt 87-87


        (instance ?M Measuring)
        (result ?M ?Q)
        (instrument ?M ?C)
        (instance ?C Clock))
    (instance ?Q TimeMeasure))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 3371-3377

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