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Sigma KEE - ScrollWheel

appearance as argument number 1

(disjoint ScrollWheel ComputerKeyboard_Generic) ComputerInput.kif 433-433 ScrollWheel is disjoint from ComputerKeyboard_Generic
(disjoint ScrollWheel ComputerMouse) ComputerInput.kif 434-434 ScrollWheel is disjoint from ComputerMouse
(documentation ScrollWheel EnglishLanguage "A ComputerInputDevice that consists of a wheel that projects perpendicularly out of a surface. A ComputerUser may rotate it in either direction with a finger. ScrollWheels are often part of ComputerMouses.") ComputerInput.kif 428-431
(subclass ScrollWheel ComputerInputDevice) ComputerInput.kif 426-426 ScrollWheel is a subclass of computer input device

appearance as argument number 2

(disjoint TouchSensitiveComputerInputDevice ScrollWheel) ComputerInput.kif 448-448 TouchSensitiveComputerInputDevice is disjoint from ScrollWheel


    (instance ?ACT ScrollWheelRotating)
    (exists (?WHEEL)
            (experiencer ?ACT ?WHEEL)
            (instance ?WHEEL ScrollWheel))))
ComputerInput.kif 1687-1692

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