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Sigma KEE - PsychologicalDysfunction
PsychologicalDysfunction(psychological dysfunction)Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's_disease, Alzheimers, Asperger's_syndrome, DTs, GAD, Korsakoff's_psychosis, Korsakoff's_syndrome, Korsakov's_psychosis, Korsakov's_syndrome, PTSD, Pick's_disease, aberration, abient, aboulic, abulic, acarophobia, acousma, acousticophobia, acrophobia, acrophobic, acute_schizophrenic_episode, affective_disorder, agitated_depression, agoraphobia, agoraphobic, ailurophobia, alcohol_amnestic_disorder, alcoholic_dementia, alexic, algolagnic, algophobia, algophobic, alienated, anaclitic_depression, anarthria, androphobia, anomic, anterograde, antisocial_personality_disorder, anxiety_disorder, anxiety_hysteria, anxiety_neurosis, anxiety_reaction, aphasic, aphonia, aquaphobia, aquaphobic, arachnophobia, around_the_bend...

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(documentation PsychologicalDysfunction ChineseLanguage "这是一种在临床方面上为严重的功能障碍, 这主要是行为或心理的表现。这些功能障碍可能已经确定或假定为生物的病因或表现。") Merge.kif 18749-18750
(documentation PsychologicalDysfunction EnglishLanguage "A clinically significant dysfunction whose major manifestation is behavioral or psychological. These dysfunctions may have identified or presumed biological etiologies or manifestations.") Merge.kif 18745-18748
(subclass PsychologicalDysfunction DiseaseOrSyndrome) Merge.kif 18744-18744 Psychological dysfunction is a subclass of disease or syndrome
(subclass PsychologicalDysfunction PsychologicalAttribute) Merge.kif 18743-18743 Psychological dysfunction is a subclass of psychological attribute

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(subclass Neurosis PsychologicalDysfunction) Mid-level-ontology.kif 6121-6121 Neurosis is a subclass of psychological dysfunction
(subclass Psychosis PsychologicalDysfunction) Mid-level-ontology.kif 6125-6125 Psychosis is a subclass of psychological dysfunction
(termFormat ChineseLanguage PsychologicalDysfunction "心理功能障碍") chinese_format.kif 1270-1270 "心理功能障碍" is the printable form of psychological dysfunction in ChineseLanguage
(termFormat EnglishLanguage PsychologicalDysfunction "psychological dysfunction") english_format.kif 957-957 "psychological dysfunction" is the printable form of psychological dysfunction in english language

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