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Sigma KEE - LegislativeChamber
LegislativeChamberBritish_House_of_Commons, British_House_of_Lords, House_of_Commons, House_of_Lords, general_assembly, law-makers, legislative_assembly, legislative_body, legislative_chamber, legislative_council, legislature, senate

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation LegislativeChamber EnglishLanguage "LegislativeChamber is the class of LegislativeOrganizations which are a coherent body that considers and votes upon legislation in common session. For example, the United States Senate.") Government.kif 1949-1952
(subclass LegislativeChamber LegislativeOrganization) Government.kif 1947-1947

appearance as argument number 2

(instance UnitedStatesHouseOfRepresentatives LegislativeChamber) Government.kif 4751-4751
(instance UnitedStatesSenate LegislativeChamber) Government.kif 4758-4758
(termFormat EnglishLanguage LegislativeChamber "legislative chamber") domainEnglishFormat.kif 6070-6070


        (attribute ?ORG UnicameralLegislature)
        (legislativeBranch ?ORG ?AREA)
        (instance ?CHAMBER1 LegislativeChamber)
        (subOrganization ?CHAMBER1
            (GovernmentFn ?AREA))
        (instance ?CHAMBER2 LegislativeChamber)
        (subOrganization ?CHAMBER2
            (GovernmentFn ?AREA)))
    (equal ?CHAMBER1 ?CHAMBER2))
Government.kif 1937-1945


    (attribute ?ORG BicameralLegislature)
        (instance ?ORG LegislativeChamber)))
Government.kif 1954-1956
    (instance ?LEGE BicameralLegislature)
    (exists (?CHAMBER1 ?CHAMBER2)
            (instance ?CHAMBER1 LegislativeChamber)
            (subOrganization ?CHAMBER1 ?LEGE)
            (instance ?CHAMBER2 LegislativeChamber)
            (subOrganization ?CHAMBER2 ?LEGE)
                (equal ?CHAMBER1 ?CHAMBER2)))))
Government.kif 1919-1927

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