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Sigma KEE - Amphibian
Amphibian(amphibian)Acris, Acris_crepitans, Acris_gryllus, African_clawed_frog, Alytes, Alytes_obstetricans, Ambystoma, Ambystoma_maculatum, Ambystoma_mexicanum, Ambystoma_talpoideum, Ambystoma_tigrinum, Ambystomatidae, American_green_toad, American_toad, Amphiumidae, Aneides, Aneides_lugubris, Anura, Ascaphidae, Ascaphus, Ascaphus_trui, Batrachia, Batrachoseps, Bombina, Bombina_bombina, Brevicipitidae, Bufo_americanus, Bufo_boreas, Bufo_bufo, Bufo_calamita, Bufo_canorus, Bufo_debilis, Bufo_marinus, Bufo_microscaphus, Bufo_speciosus, Bufo_viridis, Bufonidae, Caeciliadae, Caeciliidae, California_newt, Caudata, Cryptobranchidae, Cryptobranchus, Cryptobranchus_alleganiensis, Desmograthus, Dicamptodon_ensatus, Dicamptodontidae, Discoglossidae, Eleutherodactylus, Eurasian_green_toad...

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(documentation Amphibian ChineseLanguage "这是一种冷血、表皮光滑的 Vertebrate,它们用腮呼吸,并且 典型的孵化水生幼虫,成年的 AmphibianLung 呼吸。") chinese_format.kif 3414-3415
(documentation Amphibian EnglishLanguage "A cold-blooded, smooth-skinned Vertebrate which characteristically hatches as an aquatic larva, breathing by gills. When mature, the Amphibian breathes with Lungs.") Merge.kif 13533-13535
(subclass Amphibian ColdBloodedVertebrate) Merge.kif 13532-13532 Amphibian is a subclass of cold blooded vertebrate

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(disjointDecomposition ColdBloodedVertebrate Amphibian Fish Reptile) Merge.kif 13523-13523 Cold blooded vertebrate is disjointly decomposed into amphibian, fish, and reptile
(subclass Toad Amphibian) Mid-level-ontology.kif 10212-10212 Toad is a subclass of amphibian
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Amphibian "两栖动物") chinese_format.kif 987-987
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Amphibian "amphibian") english_format.kif 1186-1186


    (secretesToxin ?FROG Batrachotoxin)
    (subclass ?FROG Amphibian))
WMD.kif 313-315

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