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Sigma KEE - Pentecost

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Pentecost EnglishLanguage "An instance of Pentecost is a ChristianHoliday that commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit onto the Apostles and other followers of Jesus, as described in the Book of Acts.") Media.kif 552-555
(subclass Pentecost ChristianHoliday) Media.kif 549-549 PentecostChristianHolidaysubclass
(subclass Pentecost MoveableHoliday) Media.kif 550-550 PentecostMoveableHolidaysubclass
(subclass Pentecost Sunday) Media.kif 551-551 Pentecost星期日subclass


        (instance ?Y Year)
        (instance ?E EasterSunday)
        (instance ?P Pentecost)
        (during ?E ?Y)
        (during ?P ?Y)
        (starts ?E ?I)
        (finishes ?P ?I))
    (duration ?I
        (MeasureFn 50 DayDuration)))
Media.kif 559-568

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