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Sigma KEE - Monarchy

appearance as argument number 1

(comment Monarchy "Note that there are few (mainly historical) exceptions where the rule was divided among more people or in cases of elective monarchies. For now these exceptions are not covered by the definition to avoid the usual but circular definition that Monarchy is ruled by a Monarch and Monarch is a ruler of a Monarchy.(06-14-2015)" "msvarny") Government.kif 197-197
(contraryAttribute Monarchy Federation) Government.kif 237-237 MonarchyFederation 的相反
(contraryAttribute Monarchy Republic) Government.kif 236-236 MonarchyRepublic 的相反
(documentation Monarchy EnglishLanguage "Monarchy is the Attribute of a government that is ruled nominally or actually by one ruler, whose Position is hereditary.") Government.kif 195-196
(instance Monarchy FormOfGovernment) Government.kif 194-194 MonarchyFormOfGovernmentinstance

appearance as argument number 2

(subAttribute AbsoluteMonarchy Monarchy) Government.kif 228-228 AbsoluteMonarchyMonarchysubAttribute
(subAttribute Chiefdom Monarchy) Government.kif 226-226 ChiefdomMonarchysubAttribute
(subAttribute ConstitutionalMonarchy Monarchy) Government.kif 227-227 ConstitutionalMonarchyMonarchysubAttribute
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Monarchy "monarchy") domainEnglishFormat.kif 6806-6806 termFormat EnglishLanguage, Monarchy and "monarchy"


        (governmentType ?PLACE Monarchy)
        (instance ?MONARCH Human)
        (instance ?SUCCESSOR Human)
        (holdsDuring ?T1
            (chiefOfState ?PLACE ?ROLE ?MONARCH))
        (holdsDuring ?T2
            (chiefOfState ?PLACE ?ROLE ?SUCCESSOR))
        (earlier ?T1 ?T2))
        (relative ?MONARCH ?SUCCESSOR)
        (chiefOfState ?PLACE ?ROLE ?SUCCESSOR) Legal))
Government.kif 209-221


    (attribute ?PERSON Monarch)
    (exists (?PLACE)
            (instance ?PLACE GeopoliticalArea)
            (governmentType ?PLACE Monarchy)
            (chiefOfState ?PLACE Monarch ?PERSON))))
Government.kif 1323-1329

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