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Sigma KEE - Creation

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Creation ChineseLanguage "这是创造东西的 Process subclass。注:可以用 CaseRoleresult 来指明所创造的东西。") Merge.kif 12719-12720
(documentation Creation EnglishLanguage "The subclass of Process in which something is created. Note that the thing created is specified with the result CaseRole.") Merge.kif 12716-12718
(relatedInternalConcept Creation Destruction) Merge.kif 12715-12715 创作摧毁 是 内部相关
(subclass Creation InternalChange) Merge.kif 12714-12714 创作内部变化subclass

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass DevelopPrograms Creation) MilitaryProcesses.kif 1185-1185 DevelopPrograms创作subclass
(subclass Making Creation) Merge.kif 12736-12736 制作创作subclass
(subclass OpeningNewGraphicalWindow Creation) ComputerInput.kif 1902-1902 OpeningNewGraphicalWindow创作subclass
(subclass ProduceStudies Creation) MilitaryProcesses.kif 1213-1213 ProduceStudies创作subclass
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Creation "创作") chinese_format.kif 1184-1184 termFormat ChineseLanguage, 创作 and "创作"
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Creation "creation") english_format.kif 871-871 termFormat EnglishLanguage, 创作 and "creation"


    (instance ?PROCESS Creation)
    (exists (?PATIENT)
            (patient ?PROCESS ?PATIENT)
            (time ?PATIENT
                    (WhenFn ?PROCESS)))
                (time ?PATIENT
                        (WhenFn ?PROCESS)))))))
Merge.kif 12727-12734 过程创作instance 若且唯若 有存在 物理 这样 那个 物理那个 过程patient那个 物理那个 过程 出现 的 time 的结束 是 存在 和 那个 物理那个 过程 出现 的 time 的开始 是 doesn't 存在
        (instance ?CREATE Creation)
        (result ?CREATE ?PROP)
        (instance ?PROP Proposition)
        (agent ?CREATE ?AGENT))
    (propositionOwner ?AGENT ?PROP))
Catalog.kif 167-173
    (instance ?ACTION Creation)
    (exists (?RESULT)
        (result ?ACTION ?RESULT)))
Merge.kif 12722-12725


    (creator ?AGENT ?ENTITY)
    (exists (?CREATION)
            (instance ?CREATION Creation)
            (agent ?CREATION ?AGENT)
            (result ?CREATION ?ENTITY))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 11324-11330
    (instance ?BRAND Brand)
    (exists (?AGENT ?CREATION)
            (instance ?CREATION Creation)
            (result ?CREATION ?BRAND)
            (agent ?CREATION ?AGENT))))
Hotel.kif 1240-1246
    (instance ?PS PricingScheme)
    (exists (?AGENT ?CREATE)
            (instance ?CREATE Creation)
            (result ?CREATE ?PS)
            (agent ?CREATE ?AGENT))))
Catalog.kif 184-190
    (instance ?TUB WhirlpoolTub)
    (exists (?VALVE)
            (instance ?VALVE PressureControlValve)
            (part ?VALVE ?TUB)
            (hasPurpose ?VALVE
                (exists (?WATER ?CREATION ?MOTION)
                        (instance ?WATER Water)
                        (located ?WATER ?TUB)
                        (instance ?CREATION Creation)
                        (instrument ?CREATION ?VALVE)
                        (result ?CREATION ?MOTION)
                        (instance ?MOTION Motion)
                        (located ?MOTION ?WATER)))))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 23173-23188
    (policyOwner ?AGENT ?POLICY)
    (exists (?CREATE)
            (instance ?CREATE Creation)
            (agent ?CREATE ?AGENT)
            (result ?CREATE ?POLICY))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 25454-25460

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