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Sigma KEE - manufacturer

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation manufacturer EnglishLanguage "A relation between a class of Objects and an Agent that is responsible for the Manufacture of that object.") Cars.kif 4470-4471
(domain manufacturer 2 Agent) Cars.kif 4473-4473 The number 2 argument of manufacturer is an instance of agent
(domainSubclass manufacturer 1 Object) Cars.kif 4472-4472 The number 1 argument of manufacturer is a subclass of object
(instance manufacturer BinaryPredicate) Cars.kif 4469-4469 manufacturer is an instance of binary predicate

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage manufacturer "the maker of %1 is %2") Cars.kif 4474-4474


(exists (?T)
        (subclass ?T HandToolBox)
        (manufacturer SortimoCorp ?T)))
Cars.kif 5080-5083 There exists an agent such that the agent is a subclass of tool box and the maker of Sortimo Corporation is the agent

appearance as argument number 0

(manufacturer AppleComputer AppleComputerCorporation) ComputingBrands.kif 72-72 The maker of AppleComputer is Apple
(manufacturer AppleSystemManagementController AppleComputerCorporation) ComputingBrands.kif 388-388 The maker of System Management Controller is Apple
(manufacturer ChevroletAutomobile GeneralMotorsCorp) Cars.kif 4938-4938 The maker of ChevroletAutomobile is General Motors
(manufacturer CommodoreAutomobile HoldenCorporation) Cars.kif 4479-4479 The maker of CommodoreAutomobile is Holden Corporation
(manufacturer CommodoreWheel Holden) Cars.kif 4485-4485 The maker of Commodore wheel is Holden
(manufacturer Corvette GeneralMotorsCorp) Cars.kif 5091-5091 The maker of Corvette is General Motors
(manufacturer CosworthEngine CosworthCorp) Cars.kif 5136-5136 The maker of Cosworth engine is Cosworth Corporation
(manufacturer FordAutomobile FordCorporation) Cars.kif 4885-4885 The maker of Ford car is Ford
(manufacturer GMLs1V8engine GeneralMotorsCorp) Cars.kif 5087-5087 The maker of ls1 engine is General Motors
(manufacturer HarleyDavidsonKnuckleheadEngine HarleyDavidsonCorp) Cars.kif 4552-4552 The maker of knucklehead is Harley Davidson
(manufacturer HarleyDavidsonPanheadEngine HarleyDavidsonCorp) Cars.kif 4656-4656 The maker of panhead is Harley Davidson
(manufacturer HoldenToranaAutomobile HoldenCorporation) Cars.kif 4839-4839 The maker of Holden Torana is Holden Corporation
(manufacturer IconHelmet IconMotorcyleEquipmentCorporation) Cars.kif 5126-5126 The maker of Icon helmet is Icon Corporation
(manufacturer MiniCooper BritishMotorCorp) Cars.kif 4826-4826 The maker of mini cooper is British Motors
(manufacturer PeterbiltTruck PeterbiltCorp) Cars.kif 4984-4984 The maker of Peterbilt truck is Peterbilt
(manufacturer RoverV8Engine RoverGroup) Cars.kif 4685-4685 The maker of Rover v8 is RoverGroup
(manufacturer SeagullOutboard BritishSeagullCorp) Cars.kif 4709-4709 The maker of Seagull outboard is British Seagull corp
(manufacturer SimmonsWheelRim SimmonsCorp) Cars.kif 4815-4815 The maker of Simmons wheel is SimmonsCorp
(manufacturer SnapOnRatchet SnapOnTools) Cars.kif 4935-4935 The maker of Snap-On ratchet is Snap-on Tools

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